Le Mans Northstar LMP Virtual Lap

Jump in the driver's seat of the Cadillac LMP in a virtual lap around Le Mans. Telemetry-data visualizations let you track the vital performance info that drivers depend on. See the RPMs tach-up and watch the lateral acceleration shift as the LMP hugs turns and rips through straightaways.
The GM Experience at Le Mans by the connecting car event and interactive activity was never seen before. The GM's Connected Car Web event was an entertaining demonstration of GM's advanced technology and their ability to connect vehicles to the internet. The information from cars and pits was flowing from Le Mans to homes all around the world !.
Download the virtual lap below.


Windows Users:
Click your right-mouse button directly on the "Cadillac LMP Virtual Lap" link below. When you release the button, select from the menu options in the pop-up window: 

  • Choose "Save Link As" with Netscape Navigator or Communicator
  • Choose "Save Target As" with Internet Explorer
Now navigate to your Desktop Folder, and click the Save button.
Once downloaded, double click on the file's icon and QuickTime 4 player will launch.

DOWNLOAD "Cadillac LMP Virtual Lap" [4.58mb]

You could click your left-mouse button directly on the "Cadillac LMP Virtual Lap" link above in case you get a fast cable network link to the internet.

QuickTime 4 Player required

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